What’s Going On October 2014

Whats Going On

Hey kittens! So I have been a little quiet the last few days because life has been buuuuusy! One thing I am super excited to announce is that I will be a contributor to the LifeStyled COMPANY blog! So check … Continue reading

My Love Affair with the Farmers’ Market

Farmers Market header

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I am a total snob. Not about everything, but about a lot of things (everything). One of those things is food. The year to year and a half before we … Continue reading

How I Weaned Myself Off Lattes and Didn’t Kill Everybody


When I was working in film, Fridays became affectionately known as “Starbucks Fridays”. This was the glorious time of the week that someone went out and got everybody their fave specialty coffee and we all just got in a better mood. … Continue reading