Fitness Update

It’s time for an update! I have been doing the Livestrong Stronger Challenge for 6 weeks (7 weeks- we had one week off) now and am really enjoying it. The moves are hard and I am modifying most of them still but I am getting stronger everyday (you can see how they named it appropriately). I have noticed a difference in my body and I enjoy feeling disciplined enough to get it my workouts early in the morning or finding time later to fit them in. I have been making good food choices and staying clean without feeling like I’m depriving myself.

I tried out a couple of heart rate monitors because the myPlate app was estimating my calorie burn for these workouts at almost 600 calories per 35 min workout. That seemed high so I thought I would try out a heart rate monitor to see how accurate that was.



Fiance got me the Mio Link HRM Wrist Strap for my birthday which links directly to a free app and monitors heart rate, calories, distance and all sorts of fun stuff. I tried this for awhile but the watch kept slipping up my wrist and losing my heart rate. However, the caloric burn was about half of what the myPlate app was telling me! HALF! I am so glad I checked! So I returned the Mio because I knew I couldn’t get an accurate burn rate.

Wahoo Fitness TICKR

Wahoo Fitness TICKR

I opted instead for the Wahoo Fitness TICKR HRM chest strap. It doesn’t track as much data but it clocks your heart rate and caloric burn and that’s all I need. So far, I really like the chest strap. It also says that I am burning on average 300-350 calories per workout. So I’m glad that I have been checking!

I have been meaning to check my measurements because I have lost very little weight but I have been noticing my body change for sure. I finally got around to it and I was very happy with the results

Bust: 42.5 inches (-1 inch)

Under bust: 36 inches (-1 inch)

Waist: 35.5 inches (-1 inch)

Belly button: 41.5 inches (-1 inch)

Hips: 50.5 inches (-1 inch)

Right bicep: 13 inches (-1 inch)

Left bicep: 12.5 inches (-1 inch)

Right thigh: 27 inches (-1 inch)

Left thigh: 27.5 inches (-1 inch)

Weight: 242.5 lbs (-3 lbs)

So it’s not as far as I would like to be but I am pretty happy with the results. My wedding dress fits better, I feel better and I am happy with the progress. I have about another 6 weeks left until the wedding so if I can duplicate the results, I will be super happy!

Any advice on slimming down or working out? Thanks!