Location, Location, Devastation

Bitchslapped by fate

I know I haven’t posted in a while. Clearly, I’ve been avoiding you. Maybe it was something you said. Maybe it was something I said. Maybe it has been the complete and utter mess my life is in right now. We will never know…

Actually, it’s the mess my life is in. There has been a lot going on. Not only am I pregnant (and really, isn’t that enough?) in the last 3 months I have started a new job, taken in a stray cat, found a home for said cat, finished working on a side project and now since bambino is on the way, Boyfriend and I are looking to buy a house.

You may not be able to tell from my “free template” blog format, but when it comes to particulars about my life, I am a total snob. Aesthetically, I need things to be structured and practical but beautiful and interesting. Boyfriend hates driving and needs to be close to mass transit of some kind (he likes trains). We both like to walk anywhere we can and refuse to be a part of the suburban isolation that seems to plague our city. This makes home buying a fucking nightmare.

We narrowed it down to a few neighbourhoods in the central area. Most fairly family friendly while being a short walk to cool shops, transit and amenities. This also makes the houses we look at ridiculously expensive. So likely any house we find in our price range is the runt on the block. There seem to be a lot of runts. Most of them are shit. But every now and then something with potential comes along.

I have been searching online since the stork threw us a save the date so I knew what was out there. It wasn’t a lot.  We waited until we had a few financing things in order and then we went to open houses and to a few houses and then all of a sudden, as if from nowhere, we found the home of our dreams.

The house was not perfect, but perfect for us. It needed a little love and a wall or two knocked out but it had great bones and it was in an excellent location. In the same neighbourhood as million-dollar homes (on the outskirts and maybe not directly adjacent but close.) We met our realtor the next day and told him about the amazing find; this could be his easiest close yet. He called to make an appointment to see the house and… It had an approved offer on it. Bummer and a half. I mean this was THE house. It hadn’t closed yet so our realtor would keep an eye on it but it was pretty much gone. Sad face.

We picked up our spirits and kept on looking. Shitty house after shitty house we ventured forth into the unknown, unpredictable market of crazy outdated electrical systems and furnaces from the dawn of time. You can only look at so many houses before you start questioning the future of humanity. Annoyed face.

Then, as though an act of God, the house we LOVED did not close on time. They asked for an extension. Hope slowly started to build as our realtor suggested we look at it again in case the deal fell through. We went back, back to what we felt was our home and were more determined than ever that it was the right thing. Our brilliant realtor suggested we get a back-up offer approved in case the other deal fell through. Then it could be ours. We spent hours on the paperwork and making sure the financing was in order. Hours spent in the bank depositing cheques and getting bank drafts. We got aggressive with our offer and magically it was approved. As if fate wanted us to finally get a win. One hurdle down, one to go. Excited face.

The first deal had until 4:00PM to close.  The hours crawled by. 12:00PM. 1:00PM. 2:30PM. 2:35PM I get a call from the realtor, the deal had not closed yet. Hopes soared high. We tried not to get excited but we were. The prospect of being in the dream home in the dream neighbourhood was close enough to taste. Taking our little kiddo to the coffee shop close by, playing in the backyard lined with apple trees and watching “it” jump through the sprinklers.  This hazy dream could be our reality.

3:35PM. Our realtor calls.  The house was sold and our deal was dead. 25 minutes before the deadline, our dreams were crushed. Cah-rushed. Devastated face.

Our realtor tried to keep it light and assured us we would find our house. But we did find our house and we were just 25 minutes short of the dream. Our house was now someone else’s. Devastated, Boyfriend and I didn’t even try to make each other feel better. What was the point? After all the crap we saw, we would never find anything as good. Gems like that don’t come along in our price range twice in a lifetime. Our optimism died. Died at the hands of fate.

Maybe I cried, and maybe we fought a little, both trying to sort out our feelings by indirectly blaming the other. If only we had done this, if only, we had done that. If only, if only. But the outcome remains the same. We are still devastated, we are still homeless. And so we keep searching… Depressed face.

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